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Your running questions answered

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the sorts of things I should be writing about on my website and social channels - hence the radio silence for a little while.

I want to put information out there I think people will genuinely find useful and interesting, not just more noise and self-promotion that social media is full of.

So I've decided to write a series of short posts on the things YOU want to know, not the things I want to shout about.

As such I'm going to have a go at answering some of the most common running-related questions I come up against working with runners.

Hopefully that means many of you have also uttered the same words, or perhaps wish you had but never knew who to turn to.

Over the coming weeks I (and other experts I know and work with) will be sharing articles on the following topics, and many more like them:

  • Just how long should my long run be?

  • I’m a runner, so why do I need to do strength work?

  • Can I run with pain?

  • How do I smash my 5km PB?

  • I want to get faster, why are you telling me to run slower?

  • I over-pronate, is that a problem?

  • Do I really have to do those hill sessions?

  • Why should I fuel during a training run?

If you have a running question you want to know the answer to then please share it and I’ll have a go at answering it.

And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find somebody who does.

We have a lovely large running community our there so let’s all help each other. If you have your own thoughts, experiences or views then I'd love you to share them.

Sign-up to my blog at the top of this page and/or my FB or Instagram pages (@blazetrailrun) and you'll see these articles as soon as they're posted.

Cheers Coach Ian

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