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Trail Fit: A fitness session designed for runners

In the new year I am planning to launch a new group session I'm calling "Trail Fit".

Whilst most runners know they should do more strength & conditioning work to prepare their bodies for the training we throw at it, at the end of the day we just don't like doing it.

The idea of "Tail Fit" is to take this outside on the trails where we like to be!

They will be 1-hour sessions on a Sunday morning in a range of local countryside locations combining a trail-running session, HIIT and bodyweight strength exercises.

Not only mixing up S&C with running to make it more digestible, the group setting will provide the encouragement and support needed to push through what will be a fun but tough workout.

The running will be interval based and the exercises adapted to all abilities, so everybody is included and nobody left behind.

To get things ready for next year I am planning to run a free pilot session 9-10am on Sunday 13 December up at Farley Mount.

If you'd like to come along drop me an email and let me know. I plan to keep these sessions relatively small so that I can provide personal attention and some 1-2-1 feedback for everybody.

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