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Lockdown Training Tip #1: You gotta speed it up, and then you gotta slow it down

Let’s face it, we all know that going out and doing a fast/hard session is much easier as part of a club or group. Pushing yourself hard when you’re on your own just isn’t that easy.

But one thing to really avoid during the next four weeks is falling into the trap of going out and running at the same steady/average speed every time you go out the door.

Instead, whilst we’re limited to running on our own or one other person let’s take this opportunity to really slow down most of our runs and really enjoy just being outside. And most importantly this will leave you refreshed, mentally and physically, for one harder session each week where you can really push yourself.

Here’s a few ideas how to do this on your own or with one friend – but remember, only one a week:

  1. A fartlek session (“speedplay”) where you go for a gentle run, then pick random start and finish points (e.g. from the next tree to the bus stop at the end of the road) for sprint efforts (90s – 3min), recovering in between before you go again. How many can you push yourself to do, and can you increase this by at least one over the next four weeks?

  2. Pick a circular c1km route from you front door and set yourself a challenge to see how you can improve your time over the next four weeks. Take one lap to warm-up, go for 3 fast efforts (with recovery in-between) and then 1 more for a cool-down

  3. Got a little hill near you? And by little I mean just 200-300 metres. Jog-out to the bottom of the hill, start a timer for 20 minutes and see how many times you can effort up the hill and jog recover back down. Can you increase the number of reps you can fit in by at least one over the next four weeks?

Got your own high-intensity session you’re trying during lockdown? Share it in the comments and maybe others would like to give it a go!

And if you feel you need a little extra motivation and support to keep your training going then drop me a line and we can discuss the many 1-2-1 coaching options available during lockdown.

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