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A new path for Coach Ian

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good”. (Nina Simone)

I couldn’t think of a better way of putting my feelings down in words than the inspirational chorus of the 1965 hit from Nina Simone as I sit down to write this.

After 23 of years of working as a market researcher, today I begin a new chapter in my life and career as a running coach. Scary, nerve-wracking, but oh-so-exciting - just like the buzz I get at the start line of a race!!

There's no hiding from the fact that life has been a little crazy over the last 6 months, more so for some than others, and there have been some terrible things happening across the globe that people have had to deal with.

I know I’ve had it relatively easy, but trying to home school my two daughters whilst my wife and I both worked stressful office jobs from home gave me the final nudge I needed to make a change for me and a change for my family.

So last month I took a leap of faith and took voluntary redundancy from my job. If I was ever going to do something with my passion in life – this was it.

I always say that running saved my life, taking me from an obese 24-year-old to a London Marathon finisher in just under 2 years. Running became not only the reason to look after my body and mind, but helped me discover goals to strive for and a whole bunch of friends for life.

Having spent the past 3 years working through my England Athletics coaching badges and earning my final accreditation as an endurance running coach just before Christmas, I have no more excuses holding me back.

And after supporting my running club (Romsey Road Runners) for the past 10 years as a leader and coach, I know I want to work closer with individual runners who have a passion and a drive to achieve something, but do so in their own way.

As runners we all have our own goals and our own obstacles in life, but the one thing we have in common is that we can achieve them. Whatever our running goal - go faster, go longer, go without injury, or just go have fun – I want to help runners find their own path to success.

Whether we're aiming to complete 5K, a marathon or even an ultra, the only person we're competing with is ourselves, and of course the craziness of our lives. As a working family man trying to be a good husband, a good dad, as well as a good runner, I know both how hard it can be but also that it can be done.

Confession time... I may be a competitive endurance/ultra runner but I’ve never won a race in my life. 99% of us never will, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t great athletes that get as much (maybe even more) out of the sport than the elite’s regularly competing for trophies.

I truly believe that running should be about the love of it and for self-improvement – you have to enjoy the journey as well as focusing on the destination. And my only hope is that with my love for the sport and my experience of training and coaching, I can help others find the joy I have in just putting one foot in front of the other.

For me, first and foremost training has got be fun. But that doesn't mean a little science and bit of structure can't help us along the way and keep us smiling. So, if you’re looking for some support with your running goals; whether its’s running form analysis, training plans or 1-2-1 coaching then get in touch and we can have a chat about how I might be able to help.

Or if you just want to check out what I and some of our runners have to say then sign up to our mailing list in the subscribe box below to get regular updates on training tips, thoughts on the sport of running and tales of our adventures our on the trails.

Happy running everybody, and here's to a great new beginning for Blaze Your Trail!

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