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Coach Ian

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I always say that running saved my life.  At the beginning of 2000 I did no exercise, weighed 15 stone and ate and drank way too much of all the wrong things.

It was at a family BBQ that summer when I saw my 3 uncles laughing and joking as they compared the size of their heart bypass operation scars that I decided something needed to change.

So I took stock of my life, made some permanent changes to my diet and joined a gym.

2 years later and I'd lost 4 stone and learned to love exercise, and more importantly love myself.  Then when my flatmate asked me if I would run a 10km race with her in Kew Gardens, I thought why not.

I crossed the finish line at that first race with a stitch and aching muscles I never thought I had, but knew immediately that I had just found what I had been looking for.

12 months later I was crossing the finishing line at the London Marathon.

Running became not only the reason to look after my body and mind, but I discovered goals to strive for and most importantly found a whole bunch of friends for life.

Since then I have been a member of a number of running clubs as I moved around the country (Serpentine, Blackheath & Bromley Harriers and Romsey Road Runners), competed in numerous races around the world from 5km time-trials to 50-mile trail utra marathons and been an active run-leader and coach for my club.

I not only love running, but love learning about running.  I've completed all my England Athletics coaching qualifications over the years and am a keen reader of other's theories and models of running training.  Not to copy, but to understand, unpick and use what I think works and fits with my own philosophy of training.

I may never have won a race in my life, but that's not why 99% of us run is it?  It's for the love of it and for self-improvement.  And my hope is that with my love for this sport along with my experience of training and coaching, I can help you find the joy I have in just putting one foot in front of the other.

Coach Ian: About Me

England Athletics coaching qualifications

Assistant Coach


Level 1 coaching qualification, now replaced by the LiRF (Leadership in Running Fitness) qualification for run leaders wanting to take charge of group sessions and assist coaches



Coach in Running Fitness qualification covering the fundamentals of 1-2-1 coaching for runners

Event Group Endurance


EA's highest level coaching qualification for endurance runners, covering all aspects of athlete development from ages 12+

Safeguarding Children


The now mandatory qualification to ensure the safe and responsible coaching of children under 18 years of age

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Based in Romsey (Hampshire)

- but will travel - 

07769 647 483

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